The Suzuki GT750 were used in many countries. For English speaking countries, America and New Zealand it appears the bikes are called ‘Patrollers’. But in Germany they were known as ‘Highways’. As far as I know they were also used in Austria, South Africa, Formosa (now Taiwan).

These GT 750´s, called Patroller or HIGHWAY, were mostly used in Asian and African countries, some were seen in Greece, 10 were delivered to Switzerland and Liechtenstein (M-Model). I think they are all out of service. The first ones were J-models with disk brakes in front.
The second series were M-Models with L-striping. Framenumbers.: around 59000. The last ones were A-models. 100 of them are sold 1976 by Hein Gericke in Germany. Framenumbers.: around 62000 The all differ in equipment.

380´s and 550´s were also produced as police bikes.